Holistic Skin Care

Holistic skin care is one that reflects care for our skin knowing that the products we use are beneficial to our wellbeing and that their manufacturing is respectful of the precious world we live in.
It is fundamental to be mindful of the of personal care products we use daily and of the food we choose to eat because just as good ingredients contribute to our wellbeing, hazardous chemicals can silently accumulate in our body with unknown long-term consequences.
There are numerous reports and research studies to demonstrate the negative health effects of pesticides, detergents, petrochemicals, and hormones, to name just a few. In addition, there is also a huge body of evidence to demonstrate how these hazardous substances have had a destructive impact on our environment.
But, it is also critical to be aware and encourage sustainable ingredient plantations and harvesting, as well as environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. These need to include environmentally safe, natural, No GMO species and sustainable processing of ingredients.

We also encourage recycling of our packaging and containers. Our boxes made of recycled paper/board, and as much possible we use glass bottles and jars. But, we also have some plastic air pumps and tubes. These are made of special 5 layer PE plastic that is designed to be protective for natural ingredients.

Our containers are made of LDPE/HDPE at 80/20 and 50/50, depending on the application. The higher the proportion of HDPE the more environmentally friendly, but also stiffer the containers are.

It goes without saying that we truly believe that organic certification of skin care and food products is a must! To this end, Azurlis® natural skin care products are currently in the final stages of organic certification through BioGro NZ.
Also, since we live in a world embedded with stress, it is critical to discover the benefits of exercise, the simplicity and beauty of enjoying nature, to be able to breath fresh air as well as enjoy a few laughs with family and friends.
Last but not least, this holistic approach includes care and respect for other animal species also, and all skin care products need to be cruelty-free, as animal testing is abhorrent, cruel and irrelevant.
Thus, holistic skin care is intrinsically linked to ethical skin care. This is cruelty-free beauty in a precious world.
So, holistic skin care is Not just about skin care, but rather about caring four our wellbeing while being respectful of everything around us, in this fragile and unique planet.
Thank you for considering All aspects of Life Holistically.